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Pregnant Frances, fearful of her husband, an LAPD detective, Eddie's erratic temper, waits anxiously for his return. Once again, his unreasonable anger flares..

Meanwhile, Janey (the fetus), protected warmly in the womb, hears what is happening. She feels the blow that kills her mother. Surviving her mother's death and born prematurely, Janey vows revenge. From the first night of her birth, she warns him of his fate. He naturally think that he's been drinking too much. Eddie has tossed up the house. He tells his investigators that there must have been an intruder.

Janey bides her time. As she grows older, she taunts him mentally on a daily basis with little things like destroying his half of the wedding picture. Eddie's paranoia grows, convinced she is out to get him. He becomes more and more angry as no one will believe him. He drinks more and more. She actively discourages the women that Eddie wants to get involve..

Eddie's best friend and partner, Martin, often protects Janey from Eddie's drunken rages. Meanwhile he continues investigating the death of Frances. He is more and more certain that the killer is someone Frances knew, but is hesitates to accuse Eddie, who appears to be pursing the case, as well.

The time comes for Janey's 16th birthday. Finding a chest of her mother's old clothes, Janey puts them on and plays a Mozart record that had belonged to her mother. She sits in her mother's rocking chair and waits for her father.

He comes home drunk. Seeing his daughter dressed in his wife's clothes, he immediately thinks of Frances. He walks to her, crying and confessing how sorry he is for her death and how he didn't mean to kill her. He then realizes it's Janey.

In a crazed state, he runs toward the girl and trips, hitting his head on the same chest that killed Frances.

As Martin arrives at the house, he sees Janey in the chair, staring at her dead father. "He was never the same after mother died."


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